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Chito Miranda & Neri Naig's Private Video Now Uploaded In XVideos!

MANILA - The world's famous pornographic video sharing website, has now a copy of the widely watched and controversial "private sex video" of Parokya Ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda and his girlfriend Neri Naig.

The "private sex video" was allegedly first uploaded on YouTube and few hours later, it was taken down. Later on, the video spread out like hot cake as it dominated Facebook. Just like what happened on the video sharing site, YouTube, the video was then blocked by Facebook due to numerous reports and complaints.

Now, the "private sex video" of Chito Miranda and Neri Naig has been uploaded and live on, the world's most popular pornographic website who has overcome the popularity of porn websites such as and currently has about 350 million monthly visitors and due to its popularity, the "private sex video" of Chito Miranda and Neri Naig was among the latest Pinoy "scandalous" videos uploaded on the website.

WARNING: FOR ADULTS ONLY is a legal website in the US but it has been blocked to several countries including those in the Middle East, some parts of Asia and other territories also. In this age and time, anything is possible as software like Hotspot Shield can open blocked websites in any part of the world.

While the availability of the "private sex video" of Chito Miranda and Neri Naig on, any viewers may report the said video and the team behind the website may do something to take it down. But unfortunately, if we talk about the legality of such, is a legitimate website bound and protected by U.S. law.

Meanwhile, Parokya Ni Edgar frontman, Chito Miranda has expressed his thoughts via Instagram and on Twitter:

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  1. sos, iba na talaga ngayon ang babae kisa noon,. dapat di kayo nag pagamit muna... nakakahiya talaga yan lalo na sa mga magulang ninyo. dapat ang sex sa mag asawa lang yan, eh pa ano nalang kong hindi kayo pakakasalan sa lalaki? or ipag kalat nila na mi ng yari sa inyo?at hindi yan gawing biro dahil yan ay hindi laruan, mabuti nalang ang anak kong nagiisang babae gaya korin, ang naging asawa lng namin ang nakauna sa amin...proud ang naging asawa ko at sa anak korin.... sana....isipin nyo kong kayo man ay ikakasal ang inyong asawa lng ang una at huli sa buhay nyo....



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