MANILA - Independent film bold actor Marco Morales was captured by the Makati City Police after another incident of skipping out his bills at St. Giles Hotel yesterday, June 19.

Marco Morales allegedly tried to pay his bill using his debit card but it was found empty. The hotel staff then tipped the police as he was recognized to be the culprit in Pasay City of the same incident.

Allegedly, Marco Morales resisted from being arrested and claimed that someone would eventually pay his bill. Apparently, the alibi was not enough as the indie bold actor was arrested and will be facing with charges including theft, estafa, swindling and resisting arrest.

In addition to the current charges, Marco Morales may also face another charge of theft, estafa and frustrated homicide in lieu of his outstanding case in Pasay City dated June 11. Apparently, the police also said that the actor is also behind the same series of incidents in the Mandarin Hotel and Manila Peninsula.

The Volvo car used by Marco Morales was found in a Sogo Hotel branch in Pasay City. The actor denied allegations that he took the said television in a motel room last June 11 and denied he is Marco Gonzaga Saca which is the name in the driver's license he's using. 

The police further added that Marco Morales may be suffering from a psychological sickness due to his long career absence from showbiz.

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